20 Interesting facts About Human Body

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As an extremely multifaceted and complicated system, the human body parts are full of wonders which developed to make a person. Here are 20 incredible facts about our body which we need to know.

  1. The life-cycle of a human hair is 3 to 7 years on average.
  2. The higher our IQ, the more we dream.
  3. We have spent 10 per cent of the day blinking.
  4. There are 37 trillion cells in our body.
  5. A women’s heart beat faster than men’s
  6. Female egg is the largest cell of human body and male sperm is the smallest.
  7. By the age of 60, the most people will have lost most of their taste buds.
  8. Jaw bone is the hardest bone of all
  9. It is impossible to kill our self by clogging our self with our hand.
  10. Fingernails grow nearly four times faster than toe nails.
  11. Our nose can discriminate 1 trillion dissimilar smells.
  12. If we spread out all the wrinkles in our brain, it would be about the size of a pillowcase
  13. Our eyes can segregate 2.3 to 7.5 million different colour.
  14. As a better smellers over life, women are born better smeller than man.
  15. Humans are the only species that produce emotional tears.
  16. All babies are color blind at birth, they see only black and white.
  17. Everybody has one strong eye and one weak eye
  18. The hands and feet contain almost half of the total bones in the human body.
  19. The strongest muscle in the body is the human tongue.
  20. After eating too much, our hearing is less sharp.