2 Years Of Demonetisation: BJP Throws 10 Questions To Congress


Kolkata: In 2016, the Government of India in an sudden action has deactivated Rs 500 and Rs 1000 to curb the flow of black money. But with the growing time, it became the centre of political blame-game.

Oppositions, right after such announcent raised their voice against the decision. BJP clamied the decision as an example of bravery by central government under Narendra Modi.

Today, on the second anniversary of Demonetisation, oppositions are countering BJP by raising several questions. BJP has attacked Congress on Thursday morning from its official Twitter handle.

10 questions that BJP has thrown to Congress in Twitter on Thursday morning on the second anniversary of Demonetisation. Those are the following :

1. Why does Congress find merit in protesting against every anti-corruption measure of the Government of India? What do they fear?

2. Why is it that wherever black money is there, the Congress is not far behind?


3. What sort of politics and anti-development mindset is this of the Congress that opposes a bold move that has widened the tax base?


4. How is a former Finance Minister, himself under radar of investigating agencies for massive corruption involving land, cash and foreign bank accounts, speaking on policy matters? With what face?

5. Mr Anand Sharma, a Congress leader, had personally opposed demonetisation on the floor of Parliament. In the last 2 years, India has seen an increase of more than 2 crore tax returns. Is this why you were opposed to demonetisation?

6. Informal economy meant exploitation of the poor and the marginalized, many of whom came from lower middle class. Demonetization has lead to formalization of the economy, which has empowered them. Why is Congress opposing that?

7. Is the Congress party living in a state of denial that it cannot see the surge in GDP numbers, the ‘Ease of Doing Business Rankings’ and Global Competitiveness Index? Why are they unhappy that India’s economic prowess is being recognized world over?

8. Why is it that whenever India’s standing in the world increases the Congress takes to defaming India and creating an atmosphere of gloom to mislead the people?

9. Congress now remembers small business but did the UPA think of this sector even once? Except tax terror, raid raj and arbitrary policies, what did Congress do for small businesses?


10. Can the Congress name even one stringent measure they took during the UPA regime, which was aimed at eliminating corruption and black money?


The political experts are saying that, the lagislative assembly in five states are knocing the door. This is the last battle before Lok Sabha which likely to take place in March-April, 2019. Prioring to the final battle, BJP is using Twitter as a weapon where they are strengthening the campaign against opposittions.