2 VC’s Of WB Conferred With Honorary Colonel Rank


Kolkata: Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur university Prof. Suranjan Das and Vice Chancellor of Kalyani university Prof. Shankar Kumar Ghosh has been conferred honorary colonel rank by National Cadet Corps(NCC).

State education minister Partha Chatterjee and NCC Lieutenant general PP Malhotra conferred the honour. Central Ministry conferred this honor to the eight vice chancellor of the India for their great contribution to spread NCC training among students.

Mr Chatterjee was speaking at Fort William, the Eastern Command headquarters where he and NCC director-general Lieutenant General P.P. Malhotra conferred the ranks of honorary Colonel to Jadavpur University vice-chancellor (VC) Suranjan Das and Kalyani University VC Sankar Kumar Ghosh by pinning the accoutrements onto their uniforms. “NCC came in the higher education’s purview in 2015. Since then I have been kept appraised of your progress. I must say I am very happy to see the professionalism and committment with which the Army officers and instructors are training the NCC cadets. The results are visible and they are outstanding,” Mr Chatterjee said.

He added, “I am aware of the assistance provided by the NCC with smartness during the festive season. The NCC has taken the initiative to honour the two VCs in furtherence of NCC activities. My heartfelt compliments are with all the NCC officers and instructors for continuing the good job. We are always with you.”

The government of India recently granted the rank of honorary Colonel to Prof Das and Prof Ghosh as ‘Colonel Commandant’ in the NCC for the duration of their office.

The honorary rank of Colonel has been conferred with a view to honour the VCs for having taken sincere interest in the cause of improving the quality of youth.