2 Terrorists Still Holed Up: NSG


Chandigarh: As the counter operation entered its third day on Monday at the Pathankot Indian Air Force Base, two more terrorists are reportedly still holed up and the final stage of the operation is underway with the joint forces of the National Security Guard, Indian Army, IAF and the Police in heavy action to neutralise the assailants.

“The operations for this particular airbase are going on smoothly given the magnitude of this airbase. Joint ops launched by security forces are being conducted in an excellent manner by the NSG, Army, Air Force, Police and intelligence agencies in a combined and synergised manner. We have eliminated four terrorists and the operation to eliminate two more terrorists possibly is in final stage,” Major General Dushyant Singh, NSG addressed the media in a joint presser.

He added that due to the area of the Air Base which is very large and the personal, strategic assets located there, the combing operations are going on simultaneously by the Army and other forces to eliminate the terrorists.

“The entire operation will continue till all the personal assets and structures are physically combed, so it is likely that it will take a long time,” Singh said. He assured that all the personnel strategic assets are secure and their safety has been ensured and that all the families living in the base are safe.
The Army representative at the presser stated that the terrorists had entered the Base ‘well prepared and heavily armed’ with the aim of targeting the IAF assets which include aircrafts and helicopters located in the vital Air base.

“All these assets have been secured and are safe. There has been no damage to any one of them,” the Army official said. He added that the Army team which was located in close proximity of the base was on ‘general alert since 1st January’ on the basis of intelligence inputs and had mobilised six columns initially. Two more columns were added subsequently.

“The terrorists opened fire again close to midday and are holed up in a double storey building which were the living quarters of Air Force personnel. Currently, operations are in progress to clear the building. We have ensured that there has been no collateral damage and civilian injuries,” the Army official said.

He assured that the situation was under the complete control of the NSG, Army and the Air Force. Meanwhile, firing and explosions were heard from the base where the counter operation is underway.