2 Teens Die As Cops Refuse Help


Lucknow: The two teenagers lay bleeding on the road; the police had reached the accident site but they wouldn’t move them. Because the three policemen didn’t want the blood to stain the seats of their patrol car.

“They are also somebody’s children… I request you,” an acquaintance of one of the two teenagers is heard pleading to the policemen in a video that exposes the shocking insensitivity of these policemen.

“Nobody else has a car here. Take them,” a man, his voice quivering, repeatedly pleads to the policemen in western Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur.

The video shows the two boys – Arpit Khurana and Sunny – both 17, lying motionless on the road, their motorcycle nearby. A group of men try to lift them, while some plead with the policemen on night patrol duty as part of the state police’s Dial 100 project.

A couple of others try to flag down passing vehicles for help, but to no avail. The policemen, meanwhile, continue to stand around. “Your car can be washed but… “, another voice tells the policemen. But the policemen were unmoved.”If the car gets washed, then where will we sit all night,” retorts one of them. And they wait.

By the time another vehicle from the local police station reached, it was too late. The two boys were declared dead on arrival at hospital. And the cops went on with their lives.Till the 3 minute-video that a passer-by had quietly taken on his mobile phone, recording evidence of the police apathy, got out.