2 Shootouts Within 24Hrs In Barrackpore Areas Have Left Everyone In Shock

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Barrackpore: On the Sunday late evening, the busy Jagaddal police station area of 24 North Paraganas, was left rattled when four bike borne armed assailants rained bullets at a Biriyani shop owner.This is the second shootout incident in twenty four hours in Barrackpore area.

Reportedly, cops nabbed the prime accused Md. Firoz from Kakinara but the other three are on run. According to the cops the other three miscreants Md. Raja, Md. Shahanawaz and Md. Mowgli were with Md. Firoz during the incident.The whole incident is being investigated by the Jagaddal police.

“We have arrested Firoz. He shot Sanjoy Mandal at the restaurant on Sunday evening. There were three more persons with him. We hope to catch them too,” said deputy commissioner of Barrackpore police, K Kannan.

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In a span of twenty four hours similar incident of shootout took place in two different areas of Barrackpore. Police sources said, Sanjay Mondal had a Biriyani shop in Jagaddal police station area.Like regular days he was sitting in the shop and managing his business.

Meanwhile, the accused Mohammad Firoz along with his three companion came to Mondal’s shop to buy Biriyani.But Mondal asked him for the payment of hundred and ninety rupees which was due.Getting furious at this accused Md.Firoz took out his gun,meantime Mondal run from his shop to escape himself but the miscreant shot two round of bullet at him from the back. The miscreants ran away leaving Mondal in a pool of blood.

Soon Mandal was taken to Bhatpara State General Hospital for treatment. Later his health started deteriorating. His health was in a critical situation, so his family decided to take him to Kalyani Jawahar Lal Nehru Hospital.But all went in vein as Mandal died on his way to the hospital.

Earlier, on Saturday similar incident took place in Titagarh area of Barrackpore. Four miscreants on two bike shot four round of bullets at two persons named Viki Rajak, and Guddu Rajak in AK Ajad Road of Titagarh area on Saturday night. As per the sources, Viki Rajak had a Chicken shop at Udan Para in AK Ajad Road of Titagarh. Four miscreants came on two bike and shot When Viki and Guddu sat in front of the shop. Immediately they were sent to the BN Basu hospital in Barrackpore. Later they were transferred to the RG Kar Medical College.

It is very natural that incidents like this have raised questions at the law and order of Barrackpore.