4 Missing Bengal Climbers Rescued


Kolkata: Four of the four Bengal climbers who went missing on Saturday after they began their ascent to Mt. Everest have been rescued.

On Saturday, after successfully climbing to the tip of Mt. Everest, four climbers went missing. No contacts were established with them by the Nepal agency after they left their base camp. Hence they were declared missing.

According to sources, they could not reach the peak. The oxygen in their oxygen cylinders finished before they could reach the top. As a result, they fell ill. Seriously ill, they were brought down and arrangements are being made for medical treatment. The four rescued are Paresh Nath and Sunita Hazra, Gautam Ghosh and Subhas Pal. They are being brought to camp 3.

A total of 7 people started this expedition. Two out of them reached the peak on Saturday. On May 19, 3 stepped onto the peak of Mr. Everest. Debraj Dutta, Pradip Sahu and Chetna Sahu reached the peak. At the end of the expedition, Chetna Sahu fell ill due to frost-bite. She was brought to a hospital by using an airlift. On Saturday, 3 more people completed their Mt. Everest expedition. They are Malay Mukherjee, Satyarup Sidhanta and Rudraprasad Halder.

On Friday, Rajiv Bhattacharya died due after completing his expedition to Dhaulagiri due to snow-blindness which was followed by ill-health for lack of oxygen and extreme cold conditions.