2 Get Death Sentence For 1971 War Crimes


Dhaka: A special court has given death sentence to two members of Razakar Bahini, Moslem Pradhan and Syed Mohammad Hossain of Kishoreganj district for crimes committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of liberation.

According to prosecutor Tureen Afroz, they were also convicted of rape, torture and other forms of crimes.

A three-member International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) jury lead by Justice Anwarul Haque declared the verdict on the basis of majority.

Out of the two accused, Mohammad Hossain is now a fugitive. Home minister and police chief have ordered to arrest the fugitive and the authority has also been advised to get help from the INTERPOL.

They received death penalties by the tribunal only for killing 26 villagers of Gurui village under Nikli upazila. The criminal Hossain was being accused for the 4th time on which the verdict came up for committing rape of Hindu women.

According to the charge sheet, the two war criminals stood against the liberation of Bangladesh during the war of liberation in 1971.

Out of them, Hossain was named and known as Razakar Daroga in Nikli thana area and Moslem Pradhan was as Razakar Commander in Nikli union area.

The tribunal found that they committed mass crimes at the different areas of the then Kishoreganj Mahokuma personally or jointly.

The tribunal issued death sentence to Husain’s elder brother Mohammad Hasan alias Hasen Ali also for committing crimes against humanity in liberation war who is also a fugitive at present.

Tribunal’s prosecutor Turin Afroz, in a quick statement on the verdict, said, “We are happy on the judgment. We have worked successfully. Two death sentences, one life imprisonment and another one for 22 years imprisonment over three accusations have been pronounced.”

In a statement over the success of the tribunal, she further said,” The rape has been recognized as genocide. The mass rape in ’71 has been recognized as genocidal rape, on which followed the death sentence.”

On the other hand, lawyer of the criminals Abdus Satter Paloan said, “We respect the tribunal and the law. We shall decide for the later decision over the appeal procedure against the verdict.”

Appeal can be filed in the tribunal within a month, according to the rules. But fugitive Mohammad Hossain will have to surrender to the court if he wishes to take the opportunity of the appeal. So far, 30 war criminals have received highest punishment, out of 48 accused in 28 cases.

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