2 Died After Panchayat Board Formation Triggers Political Clash In Malda


Malda: Political clashes triggered surrounding the formation of Panchayat board in Manikchowk area on Monday. Meanwhile, two persons are killed in the clash. Several people, including a child were injured in a bomb explosion in the area.

Bengal has witnessed blood bath during Panchayat election 2018,now violence has been observed across Bengal surrounding the formation of the Panchayat board. On this day while the formation of Panchayat board in Gopalpur area of Manikchowk in Malda a fresh clash evoked between the TMC and Congress supporters. Later it took violent form.Soon both the parties started stone pelting to each other. TMC supporters claimed that a bomb was hurled targeting their elected member Serazul Islam. The ruling party also alleged that the BJP has provided support to the Congress activists creating such violence.

A 20 years old Salam Sheikh succumbed to his injury in the bomb explosion in the area.A sexagenarians Azhar Sheikh lost his life in this violence. A 3 years old toddler was also injured and admitted in hospital for treatment. The injured are being treated at Malda Medical College Hospital.

Later, police reached the spot. Police started lathi-charge to control the situation. Huge police force has been deployed in the area. Meanwhile, violence has been observed in Deganga area and Suri too. Voting for Panchayat board formation at Suri has been called off due to the political violence.