2 Cops Showcaused In Hemtabad Incident

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Raigunj: Days after Hemtabad incident, the district police have sent a showcause notice on Saturday to two police officers of the district. In light of this, the district police has sent showcause notice to a DSP and a constable seeking reason for the incident.

Two women dashed towards a stage on which Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, was just winding up her speech at Hemtabad in North Dinajpur district.
The security breach has shocked the administration. While the police are still tight-lipped, former officers are pointing out that if the girls had planned to attack the Chief Minister, they would have succeeded today.

Eyewitnesses said the girls were sitting right behind the first bamboo ring around the D-Zone, which no one is allowed to enter. They suddenly slipped through the barricade and, in an orchestrated manner; one ran to the right, the other to the left. The police ran after one girl while the other jumped on to the stage.

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After that state secretariat has decided to set-up a 3-tier security system for the chief minister after the incident of Hemtabad where a woman breached security on Thursday to jump to talk with the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s during public speech at Hemtabad in North Dinajpur.