2 BJP Winner Candidates Gave Birth Of Child In Hush-Hush Place


Kolkata: Example of a topsy-turvy political life. Two winner candidates of Baharatiya Janata Party in violent West Bengal Panchayat election have experienced the taste of motherhood in an abandoned and unofficial place in Jharkhand. They are in a good health condition.

Both the women candidates could not stay in their own place after violence sparked during West Bengal Panchayat Election. At least two thousand five hundred people are homeless after the result of West Bengal Election result in fear of getting abducted or murdered. Though they have important contributions in forming Panchayat board.

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State BJP has taken initiative to bring them back in their own place. They will be back to West Bengal under tight security before formation of Panchayat board. Trinamool Congress has got 34% in a uncontested win. After the verdict of Supreme Court Of India the Panchayat board formation have started and the violence continues after everything.