1st Time Organ Donor & Recipients Are From Bengal


Kolkata: Another organ transplantation took place in Kolkata. And now the donor and the recipients are both residents of Bengal. Champa Naskar, a resident of Baruipur, was admitted to Medica Hospital few days ago. But after being admitted to hospital, her condition deteriorated.

On Saturday, doctors confirmed about Champa’s brain death. After that Champa’s family decided to donate her organs.Her family consulted with the doctors and it is known that her heart and kidneys could be donated. Soon after contacting with Apollo hospital doctors two recipients of the heart and kidneys were found.

Accordingly, the harvested organs were taken to Apollo hospital through green corridor in the early morning. The organs are scheduled to replaced on Sunday afternoon in the body of the recipients. Doctors have confirmed that it is first time that the donor and the recipients both are residents of the same state.