1st State-Wide Survey Of ‘Rare Fishing Cat’ In Bengal


Kolkata: With the help 50 cutting-edge trapping cameras, Calcutta University, Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) and conservation NGO, Nature Environment & Wildlife Society (NEWS) have started the first state-wide survey of the rare fishing cat, the state animal of Bengal.

The survey is being carried out in Howrah district, in Domjur, Jagatballavpur, Panchla and a few other places, which are some of the prime habitats of the animal. This is the first stage. Gradually, the survey would cover their entire habitat in the state. Surveys of fishing cats have been done before, but this is the first time a statewide survey is being conducted.

Besides footprint and testing of fecal matter, camera trapping method is the most reliable methods for determining the number of these animals.