Twitter Came To Rescue When WhatsApp Was Down


New Delhi: There was panic across the planet today after the messaging service, WhatsApp, went down this noon.
The wheel of death showed up for most of the people. And immediately after circumstances confirmed WhatsApp was indeed out of action, Twitter came ahead to the ultimate rescue of the milennials, who had stopped imagining there was a breathing life without the WhatsApp.

And there were reasons why people turned to Twitter. They wanted to check if WhatsApp was really down, even as the app was back up after an hour-long global outage.

“Everyone is checking Twitter to see if whatsapp is down ??????#WhatsappDown ???????,” one user tweeted.
While some had real issues with the void left in life, as another user tweeted, “What is this feeling? My brain does not know how to process this. #whatsappdown”

And why not?! It was a digital calamity.

One user posted, “#WhatsAppDown is like a #Digitalcalamity. Ppl start panicking, updating app, restarting mobile. It’s not less dan a natural calamity??”

People couldn’t stop taking Rajinikanth into the case: “Who is spreading rumor that Superstar Rajinikanth is angry at Kamla Haasan leading to #whatsappdown ?”

There were morale issues too: “Does it make me a very productive person if I honestly didn’t realize it? ? Should I be proud of ashamed? 😉 #WhatsAppDown”

And there were people who could see the brighter side of the things.
“*I am expecting this*

Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a WhatsApp Customer Sevice employee who did this on the employee’s last day. He’s an Indian & just wanted to scare BJP before elections.

And yeah, there were reasons too: “The reason for #WhatsAppDown in India are millions of Good morning forwarded msgs.”

The app didn’t initially look broken, with chats and contacts able to load. But once a user was into a chat, the app just showed a “connecting” message that never resolved itself, and so new messages couldn’t be sent or received.