16 Kindergarten Girls ‘Confined’ In Basement For Not Paying Fee


New Delhi: They claimed that when they reached the school at 12:30 pm to pick up their children, they were told that the children were locked in the basement.

Zia-Ud-Din, one of the parents, said, “Children were locked in the basement for non-clearance of fees. Yesterday (Monday) children were not in the classroom and were confined in the basement. I had cleared the fees, despite that my child was punished. The children were thirsty and were suffering in the heat. Police helped us. Even after I showed the proof of fees clearance, the Principal was not apologetic or remorseful.”

Another parent, Muhammad Khalid, said, “If fees are not cleared, why are you punishing the kids? The girls were crying constantly. We want the school authorities to not be inhumane.”

Ubaid Khan said, “I cleared the fees for the entire month, despite of that my niece was punished so brutally.”

A case has been registered against the school authorities, the police said.

“We have registered a case under section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act. We are investigating the matter,” police told.

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