After 151 Years, The Moon Will Change 3 Times At 1 Night


Kolkata: In one night, there will be three coloured moons in the sky. Together, Blue Moon, Super moon and Blood Moon can be seen together. Events occur in 151 years. And the rare event will take place on January 31 this year.

The moon will be 7 percent larger than the full moon. The super moon will be 30 percent more bright than the other full moon. The next thing that can be seen is that the colour of bright superman is blue. That is, Super moon will become Blue Moon. Then Blood Moon can be seen.

During the full lunar eclipse sunlight gets obstacles in the earth. As a result, it does not reach the moon. As the Earth is larger than the Moon, the whole moon is covered with shade of the earth. Only the red parts fall in the moon. Then the moon looks reddish. Which is called Blood Moon.

It is known that on the day of lunar eclipse the sun, moon and earth come in a straight line. The earth is between the sun and the moon. The entire moon fell on the earth’s shadow on the moon. The moon is not seen from the earth again. Only then does the full moon eclipse take place. January 31 will be full moon eclipse. But on that day there are some surprising scenes in addition to watching. NASA has named this rare form of changed moon is “Super Blue Blood Moon”.