15 lakhs re-converted to Hinduism: Praveen Togadia

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Delhi: At a time when the government is reeling under pressure from right wing groups over its perceived ‘softness’, the recent speech by Praveen Togadia will surely add to the woes.

Togadia, the International Working President of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad or the World Hindu Council has claimed that the ‘Ghar Wapsi’, a conversion program concept is ‘nothing new’, and several saints had been practicing it for many centuries now. He made these claims during a speech to a gathering at Tirumala Shri Venkateswara temple. He has mocked the political cry over this program, supported vehemently by the VHP and other organizations of the Sangh Pariwar.

He has claimed to have managed to reconvert over 15 lakh people back into the Hindu fold. He has also attacked Hindu politicians for their inadequacy and has chastised them for their weakness to manage the Hindu affairs. Togadia is a controversial figure who was recently banned from entering Bengal for rally.