Unknown Son Of Jayalalithaa Stakes Claim On Her property

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Chennai: After the appearance of an unknown daughter of Jayalalithaa which was largely considered a hoax, emerges a prodigal son of the late chief minister.

Jayalalithaa was admitted to Apollo Hospital on September 22 after suffering high fever and dehydration. She passed away on December 5 after being in the hospital for 72 days. Her death caused a major political stir in the state and even disintegrated AIADMK into OPS, Sasikala and Deepa factions.

Team OPS and other political parties in the state are protesting and seeking a judicial enquiry into the death of the late chief minister which has not been resolved. Meanwhile a woman called Priya Lakshmi came out of the dark claiming that she was the daughter of MGR and Jayalalithaa. However the cops identified her claim as a hoax and arrested her for “fraudulence”.

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Amidst all this commotion, Krishnamurthy, a resident of Erode, has filed a complaint with chief secretary of the state claiming that he is the only son of Jayalalithaa and that his mother was killed.

Krishnamurthy alleged that he resides at Jayalalithaa’s friend Vanithamani’s house along with his adopted parents and that he visited Jayalalithaa at Poes Garden on September 14th, 2016 and stayed with her for four days. “My mother wanted to introduce me as her son to the world and knowing this an argument broke out between her and Sasikala. She pushed my mother down the stairs on 22nd September and killed her,” he stated.

Krishnamurthy said that he didn’t mention all this before fearing for his life but mustered the courage later on to reveal the truth. He also stated that by being the only son of Jayalalithaa he is the rightful owner to her properties.

Apparently, Krishnamurthy had written a letter to social activist Traffic Ramaswamy who had advised him to file the complaint.