13 Year Rape Survivor Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

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Mumbai: A 13-year-old rape survivor from Mumbai, who got a nod from the Supreme Court on September 6 to abort her 32-week foetus, delivered a boy after a Caesarean-section surgery at Sir JJ Hospital, Byculla.

The hospital had put together a team of five doctors to conduct the surgery. The baby, which weighs 1.8kg, is in the neonatal intensive care unit. An average full-term baby weighs around 2.5kg.

The rape survivor was brought to the hospital for medical tests on Thursday evening, after which she was admitted for the procedure. The teen’s pregnancy came to light on August 9, when her mother took her to a local doctor to understand the cause of her sudden weight gain.

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Lawyers said if the family refuses to take up the child’s guardianship, the statutory legal process will be observed to hand over the child to state government. The child is most likely to be kept at a state-run orphanage and could get adopted.