13 Killed In Brazil Mudslide


Sau Paulo: Brazilian officials say mudslides and flooding caused by heavy downpours have killed at least 15 people including a 4-year-old boy in low-income neighbourhoods on Sao Paulo’s outskirts.

Capt. Marcos Palumbo of the Sao Paulo Fire Department told reporters that mudslides destroyed several houses, killing nine people in the city of Francisco Morato and four in Maripora where another eight people are reported missing.

Two people drowned when they were swept away in floodwaters, one in Guarulhos and the other in Cajamar.

The heavy rains that began on Thursday night shut down Sao Paulo’s International airport for six hours.

Images aired by television stations showed cars covered by water in Francisco Morato and Maripora as well as in parts of Sao Paulo.

The rains also halted commuter train service for several hours.

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