What Is ‘Honey Trap’ All About ?


Since Thursday, media is reporting that Varun Gandhi has been ‘honey trapped’ by arms dealer as per a  US Whistleblower. But are we aware about what is Honey Trapping?

‘Honey trapped’ is a term that was frequently used in the media when the match fixing scandal in IPL was making the headlines. ‘Honey trap’ is mostly used in British English to refer to the strategy of using attractive people to entrap or get information from someone.

According to news reports, during IPL 6, ‘bookies’ lured cricketers using beautiful women as bait.

The term ‘honey trap’ was first used in the world of espionage, and now it is frequently used in the world of journalism. For example:

“Our competitors may set up a honey trap to get you to spill the beans. “

The expression has a positive meaning as well. It can be used to mean ‘something that is most attractive’.

Honey trapping is the private investigative practice of evaluating the fidelity of partners in marital and nonmarital romantic relationships. Investigators are employed by wives, husbands, and other partners usually when an illicit romantic affair is suspected of the “target”, or subject of the investigation.

Occasionally the term may be used for the practice of creating an affair for the purpose of taking incriminating photos for use in blackmail. A honey trap is primarily used to get evidence. In a typical honey trap a private investigator will approach the spouse of a client and attempt to flirt with them. This flirtation will only go as far as exchanging contact information, and then the investigator will leave and use the information to try to set up a date. The interaction is recorded by another private investigator and, if a second date is set up, footage of the spouse getting stood up will also be taken. This footage can be used to measure a spouse’s willingness to cheat on their spouse, and as evidence of the faithfulness of one’s partner.

Many honey trapping services are now a growing phenomenon in western countries and are being used mostly by female clients with regards to their husbands. There is a phenomena that the practice of honey trapping began in Los Angeles in 1988 and migrated towards Southwest Florida

Each assignment varies depending on what the agent and client decided on during their prior consultant. A common assignment consists of the agent initiating contact with the subject through face-to-face interaction. The agent will attempt to take the communication further into other outlets including: e-mail, text messaging, phone calls, etc. The step after this can be considered the most crucial moment of the assignment. Whether or not the subject agrees to further communication will determine whether the assignment will go deeper or come to an end. The agent will propose a second meeting to the subject. Hotels are often used as a meeting place, not for sexual intercourse, but to determine whether the subject intends for the relationship to escalate. Once the investigation comes to an end, the agent will turn over any record of communication they had with the subject. Other documents that are recorded include: photographs, videos, venue appointments, etc.

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