11 Russian Warships Re-Deployed Amid US Missile Threat


Mexico City: Russia’s government confirmed the 11 warships have left the Syrian port of Tartus as the US and their allies prepare to strike.

US President Donald Trump says an “attack” on Syria could be “very soon or not so soon at all” amid reports Theresa May has ordered British submarines to move within missile range.

Pictures released earlier today by Israeli based satellite photos showed the Mediterranean dock had been totally emptied. The base at Tartus has been a major staging area for the Russian fleet throughout the Syrian Civil War.



Vladimir Shamanov, who chairs the Russian defence committee of the lower house of parliament, confirmed the move. He said the vessels had left the Mediterranean base for their own safety. Shamanov added that “this is normal practice” when there are threats of an attack, the news agency reported. Ships include two attack submarines and missile frigate Admiral Grigorovich.