11 Killed In Ukraine Coal Mine Blast


Kiev:  A methane gas explosion happened at a coal mine in western Ukraine. At least eight miners have been killed and dozens remain unaccounted for, local authorities reported.
The explosion happened at the Stepnaya mine in Lvov region.

The local emergency service put the number of fatalities at 8, with 24 workers still unaccounted for. It added that of the 172 miners at the site, 34 worked in the shaft affected by the explosion.

A union head put the number of the dead at 11.  “There is a disaster at Stepnaya. Methane explosion. 11 dead,” Mihaylo Volinets, the head of the confederation of free labor unions of Ukraine, wrote on Facebook.

The mine is part of Lvovugol, and has been in operation since 1978. It is rated as highly dangerous due to the high amounts of methane gas in the coal mined there.