11 BJP Workers Arrested From Red Light Area


Haldia: Elevan BJP workers has been arrested by Mahishadal police from red light area. According to sources, everybody was returning from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election rally. On the way back from the meeting, they went to the red light area. From there, the police arrested them.

On Monday, two meetings were held by Narendra Modi in the two places of the state. The first meeting was held in Haldia and the next was in Jhargram. Police have claimed that all of them are BJP workers in Haldia.

The Mahishadal police said that the operation was carried out in Kapasberia area at that night. A red light area was there in Kapasberia. Acting on a tip off, the operation was conducted on Monday. And 11 BJP workers were arrested in the operation. All of whom went from the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Haldia.

One Police officer said that many vehicles were detected in the prostitution area of ​​Kapasbaria on Monday. It was thought that the team from outside came into prostitution area. Three BJP workers vehicle have been seized. The police has said that the accused have admitted of their crime.