This 106 Yr Old From Andhra Is World’s Oldest YouTuber


New Delhi: We have often seen people getting instant fame on the Internet and becoming YouTube, Facebook sensations overnight. While social media is often seen as something that fascinates youngsters more, this 106-year-old YouTuber from Andhra Pradesh is breaking all such prejudices with her cooking videos.

Reportedly, Mastanamma shot to fame after people started taking notice of her interesting cooking skills on YouTube. On her channel Country Foods, she is often seen making local delicacies using easily available flavours of the state. For over 250,000 subscribers (and the numbers are growing), Mastanamma cooks up delicious egg dosas, fish fry to bamboo chicken biryani in the videos all from scratch!

Her YouTube channel is managed by her great grandson, K Laxman, who fondly describes the food as ‘made by my grandma’.

A look through the comments section on her channel will show how Mastanamma is not just a regional celebrity, but there is love pouring in for her from people across the world.
Reportedly hailing from Gudiwada in the Krishna district from Andhra Pradesh, the grandmother likes to do all her household works on her own and generally denies any assistance from the youngsters. As much as she is a YouTube celebrity, she is also known to be one of the typical Indian grandmothers who would make sure that everyone is well fed and full.

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