‘India Exports Software, Pakistan Exports Terrorism’


PM Narendra Modi ends his speech after lashing out at Pakistan and inviting Pak to fight not against India but against poverty.

  • Let us affirm that India is free from poverty in this century: PM
  • We have decided to mark this as the year of Garib Kalyan: PM
  • India has been successful in isolating Pakistan, and will intensify that so that you are are completely isolated: PM
  • Pakistan ki hukmaran sun le, humare 18 jawano ka balidaan bekaar nahi jayega: PM
  • A day will come when people of Pakistan will go against its own Govt to fight terrorism: PM
  • Pak leaders misleading by talking of Kashmir.Their people should ask why India exports software and you export terror:PM
  • Your leaders are making you fools in the name of Kashmir, PM Modi tells Pakistanis: PM
  • In the last few months, our soldiers have killed over 110 terrorists which is the highest in recent years: PM
  • I want to tell Pak people, India is ready to fight you. If you have strength, come forward to fight against poverty: PM
  • Lets see who wins? who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India?: PM
  • Pak is aiming for Kashmir, they should first look at the land they have already captured in PoK, Gilgit & Balochistan: PM
  • India and Pakistan must fight, but only to eradicate poverty: PM
  • People of Pak should query their leaders who are not able to handle PoK, Balochistan, Gilgit and Pakhtunistan: PM
  • We are exporting engineers all over the world, whereas Pakistan is exporting terrorists in entire world: PM
  • India exports software to rest of the world while Pakistan exports terrorism: PM
  • You can imagine, our neighbour was successful in one incident and our 18 soldiers had to sacrifice their lives
  • PoK aapke paas hai usko aap sambhaal nahi paate aur aapko(to Pak people)Kashmir ki baatein karke gumrah kar rahe hain: PM
  • I want to talk to people of Pakistan from here today; I want to inform Pak that before 1947 even your leaders used to salute this land: PM
  • Their leaders speak out addresses written by terrorists and talk about Kashmir:PM Modi on Pak PM Nawaz Sharif’s UNGA speech: PM
  • Leaders of neighbouring country used to say that they will fight for 1000 years, but where are they lost now: PM
  • There have been 17 attempts by fidayen attackers sent by our neighbour which our brave soldiers defeated. More than 110 terrorists killed in the past few months by Indian army as they were trying to infiltrate: PM
  • There’s anger in entire country post Uri attack.18 of our soldiers sacrificed their life after our neighbour exported terrorists there: PM
  • We are very proud of our Armed forces: PM
  • Terrorists should clearly hear out that India will never forget the Uri attack. They want bloodshed, killing of people and terror. (Aatankwaadi kaan kholke sunle, ye desh iss baat ko kabhi bhoolne wala nahin hai) : PM
  • Our 18 soldiers had to sacrifice their lives because of terrorists exported by our neighbouring country: PM Modi talks about Uri attack
  • Terrorism is the enemy of humanity. We need to join our hands to defeat terrorism
  • Desh Me Aakrosh Ka Mahaul Hai…terrorists our neighbour exported killed our Jawans. The nation will never forget this: PM
  • Terrorism is the enemy of humanity. We need to join our hands to defeat terrorism: PM
  • Hindustan na kabhi aatankwaad ke saamne jhuka hai, aur na kabhi jhukega/ India will never bow down to terrorism and will strive to defeat it: PM
  • A country’s name crops up when a terror strikes anywhere in the world:PM
  • Whenever news about terrorism comes, news also comes either the terrorist came from there or like Osama went there after the act: PM
  • Wherever terrorism is happening across Asia, the affected nations are blaming only 1 nation: PM
  • Question is not only about India, everywhere this is one country which is exporting terrorism everywhere: PM
  • India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world: PM
  • There is 1 nation in Asia whose aim is this century does not become Asia’s and is associated with terrorism. There is only one country which is responsible for spreading terrorism in Asia; Be it in Afghanistan or in Bangladesh. PM
  • All countries in Asia is working forward to make sure that 21st century becomes Asia’s 21st century except one country: PM
  • I can see a lot of potential to make sure that this 21st century becomes Asia’s 21st century: PM
  • The Government at the Centre is working to empower people and our schemes are aimed at strengthening development. Centre is striving to empower people from all walks of life, be it a fisherman or a labourer: PM
  • The country is moving forward with the mantra of “Sabka saath sabka vikaas”: PM
  • Kerala has the potential to be India’s no.1 state. When we think of Kerala, we think of God’s Own Country, it has an impression of purity and holiness: PM
  • I want to assure the party workers in Kerala that their sacrifice and hard work will never go in vein: PM
  • Our Govt is focused on upliftment of poor, downtrodden people of our country: PM Modi while addressing a public meeting in Calicut (Kerala)
  • Jan Sangh and BJP Karyakartas from Kerala have seen and faced so much. Today too, party isn’t in power here but they continue serving: PM
  • Before joining electoral politics, I had the good fortune of serving BJP organisation: PM
  • 50 years ago, Upadhaya took over the reigns of Jan Sangh. Today, BJP is the biggest party in India: PM
  • Within 50 years BJP has become India’s no. 1 party: PM
  • Thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi,Ram Manohar Lohia,Deendayal Upadhyaya have helped shape our country’s politics in the last century. This Government is devoted to the poor. This commitment draws inspirations from the thoughts of Gandhi Ji & Deen Dayal: PM
  • Have come to Kerala for the second time. This time I’ve seen human wall from helipad to this venue: PM
  • The devotion, spirituality is not because of land but because of people, saints & culture here. God’s own country evokes a spiritual feeling. The people of Kerala are seen with respect in the country and the world. Kerala is God’s own country, is the land of great saints. The place has an impression of purity and holiness: PM
  • When I visited gulf countries recently, I wanted to meet my people from Kerala living there, says PM
  • When you think of Kerala, you think of God’s Own Country, it has an impression of purity and holiness: PM
  • I want to thank party workers for the grand welcome: PM Modi at public meeting in Calicut (Kerala)

Update: Mr. Modi begins his speech. the Prime Minister’s address will be translated to Malayalam by former BJP State president V. Muraleedharan.

Kozhikode: Anti-terrorism measures are set to dominate the three-day Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) national conclave, which started on Friday in Kozhikode, Kerala, as reported by a leading daily.

PM Modi, who will address the BJP conclave on Saturday, is likely to send a strong message to Pakistan.

Modi will address a public rally on the Calicut beach. This will be first public speech of the Prime Minister after the 18 September Uri attack, that left 18 soldiers dead.

BJP sources said a resolution condemning the terror attack on the Indian Army camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan’s role in it would be passed. “We are also waiting to hear what he says on Pakistan and Uri,” BJP spokesman Shahnawaz Hussain told IANS.

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