Modi Will Become PM, Prophesied Dhirubhai In 90s


Mumbai: Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani on Saturday was just one of many prominent public figures who wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday.

But Ambani’s message was special. For in it, he revealed something his father – legendary industrial Dhirubhai Ambani – once said about the PM.

“Lambi race no ghodo chhe. Leader chche,” Ambani senior had said according to his younger son. The translation: “He’s a thouroughbred for the long run. A true leader!”

Anil Ambani says his father had invited Modi home in the early 1990s, several years before he became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001. Once Modi had left after having a “long, intense conversation” with the Reliance founder, he’d remarked that Modi would one day become the Prime Minister, Anil wrote in his message.

“As ever, Papa was simple, direct – and prophetic!” he said.

Calling PM Modi’s election to the highest office in the Union government “a defining moment” in India’s history, Anil Ambani wrote: “Papa would have been smiling in heaven that his prophecy as usual had come true.”

Dhirubhai Ambani’s estimation of PM Modi’s personality is perhaps best summed up by another, rather more poetic, quote that Anil attributed to him. “In the words of my father, Narendrabhai “dreams with his eyes open” and with Arjuna like clarity and purpose,” he said.

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