1000 Senior Citizens Taken Around To The Best Pujas

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Kolkata: A group of 1000 senior citizens were taken around prominent Durga puja pandals in the city on Monday. Many of them are inmates of old age homes.

Like every year, the elderly persons were taken around in 13 buses to 10 award winning pujas of north and south Kolkata, which had already completed their decoration and saw huge turnout of the revellers on the day of Maha Panchami.

The ten pujas included 66 Pally, Badamtala Asar Sangha, Mudiali Club, Shibmandir, Tridhara Sammilani, Salt Lake FD Block and Kashi Bose Lane.

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The ‘Realtech Nirman Pujo Parikrama’ was aimed at making the senior citizens feel wanted and every effort was made to ensure that they were comfortable during the trip,” an organiser of the ‘Pujo Parikrama’ initiative said.