100 Days left for the Maha-Celebration of Life


Kolkata: The countdown has become. It is just a matter of 100 days from now for the ultimate festivity of the Bengalees to begin. No, perhaps not Bengalees only, Durga Puja is now a cosmopolitan affair where people from all castes and religion irrespective of their cultural preferences mingle together to form a new wave that culminates the true sense of counter culture. Keeping it straight, 100 days from now, Kolkata will be seen pandal hopping, redifining the style and dress codes and catering to their ever lively taste buds with the various eateries that will be up for grab. The city will be decked up with fanciful lighting arrangements, creative art in pandals and ultra modern styles in the formations of Goddess Durga.

Once in a year, Maa Durga comes to earth from the Kailashas with her daughters and sons. More than the goddess, it is the human beings who wait for her arrival to the Earth. And then starts the uncontrolled festivity and the joy of vacation. From 9 to 90, Durga Puja is the button of celebration that gets switched on in their hearts. The Durga Puja is scheduled to kick off from from Oct 18, this year, with Mahashasti being the day of ‘Bodhon’. According to the calendar, it is just a mere affair of 100 days from now. The sale quotients have already been figured out in malls, the restaurants have thought of the Puja Special dishes and last but not the least, the fanatic civilization is all set to unleash their instincts and participate in this grand Indian Festival where life gets celebrated.