10 Ways To Get Rid Of A Pimple Quickly


Dealing with humongous pimples is nothing short of challenging. However, popping your zits will do you no favors and expert dermatologists suggest that doing so will leave unwanted scarring, or can cause your pimple to look even worse.

First, make sure to cleanse

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To successfully heal a pimple overnight, experts suggest taking preventative measures to ensure the process goes along smoothly. Cleansing your face, moisturizing, and using the right spot treatment, for example, are all things to keep in mind if you are looking to shrink those zits.

Next, moisturize

“You’ll want to apply a light oil-free moisturizer onto the skin that will moisturize without clogging pores,” doctor adviced. It’s important to keep the skin moisturized.
Look for a spot treatment with the right ingredients.

Use spot treatments with caution

“It’s OK to use a spot treatment with salicylic or Benzoyl peroxide, but keep in mind that it may make your pimple look like a scab in the morning,” suggested board-certified dermatologist Erum Ilyas. If you accidentally scrape it off when washing your face, you may find yourself with a bloody mess when you are in a hurry, she said.

Ask your dermatologist for a corticosteroid injection

“To heal a pimple overnight, your best bet is to go see your dermatologist for a corticosteroid injection,” said board-certified dermatologist Susan Bard, MD, of Manhattan Dermatology Specialists

Use at-home remedies to decrease redness and inflammation

“At-home remedies include icing the area to decrease redness and inflammation, and applying acne medication (OTC or Rx) mixed with hydrocortisone as a spot treatment,” suggested Bard. These DIY treatments are unlikely to resolve a pimple overnight but should speed up the resolution.

Use an antibiotic cream

“I usually goop up polysporin or an antibiotic cream with a little steroid cream like hydrocortisone 1% on angry pimples,” Ilyas suggested. It makes them heal faster, and takes the swelling out quickly.

Mix an over-the-counter numbing cream with eye drops

“Buy some over-the-counter numbing cream with active ingredient Lidocaine (Aspercreme is an option), and mix it with a few drops of Visine eye drops,” suggested board-certified dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche, MD FAAD. The numbing effect of lidocaine will keep you from picking the spot or touching it, since you will be less aware of it throbbing or itching. The visine is also a vasoconstrictor that takes the red out, she added.

Steam your face

“If there is a head on the pimple, steam your face or take a long shower,” Dr. Guanche told INSIDER. When the skin is warm and hydrated, you can gently unroof the pimple. However, Guanche advised against squeezing your pimple, or else it will look worse tomorrow.

Keep your hands off your face

“Remember to keep your hands off your face,” Dr. Dean advised. Keeping your hands off your pimples will only help in lessening their appearance, he suggested.