Mamata’s 10 Strategies To Defeat BJP In Bengal


Howrah: The growth of BJP in West Bengal has faded the glory of TMC’s win. The speech of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee at the South Bengal Student-Convention, Domjur is the hint of that. The 48 minutes speech was mostly on the criticism of Union Budget 2018.

Entire political sphere saying that Mamata has gifted ‘electoral-weapon’ to the TMC youth wing just before the Lok Sabha and Panchayet Election. Following are the points :

  1. BJP has no governance system. Appoximately 12000 farmers committed suicide. They did not highlighted that part.
  2. The budget is not flexible. It has no mechanism. They are only treating things communally.
  3. They are only concerned with money. But Bengal is not only interested in money.
  4. CPM and Congress-BJP have a silent alliance among them.
  5. The amount of rescued black-money after demonetisation have not been declared publicly.
  6. The girls under the Kanyashree Scheme are asset to us. The farmers tax has been reduced in Bengal.
  7. Crop insurance provided to the farmers free of cost.
  8. Govt has gifted home to 25 lac people.
  9. Bengal is ahead to in 100 days work, Small Industry, E-tender. Bengal is ahead in Agriculture.
  10. ‘Rupashree’ scheme has been launched beside ‘Kanyashree’. 6 lac girls will be beneficial under the scheme. ‘ Manobik Scheme’ is the new entry to facilitate the physically retarded.