10 slangs which parents still donot understand!


New York: In this world of Facebook and Whatsapp, parent monitoring is a regular feature and a concern for the teenagers. According to a world wide study, here are some terms which are still not decoded by the generation of parents.

Top 10 new terms which parents don’t understand:

Fleek – Looking good
FOMO – Fear of missing out
Bae – A term of affection
ICYMI – In case you missed it
Deadout – Rubbish or tired
TBT – Throwback Thursday
LMK – Let me know
RN – Right now
Thirsty – Looking for attention
NSFW – Not safe for work

And now-defunct text speak

TXT – Text
GR8 – Great
M8 – Mate
BRB – Be right back
ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
BBZ – Babes
L8RZ – See you later
GTG – Got to go
Enuf – Enough
TTYL – Talk to you later