10 Reasons Why Rajnikanth Rocks!

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Today is superstar Rajnikanth’s birthday. He did appeal to his fans to not celebrate his birthday this year because of the sudden demise of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa.

But, we can still remember some good facts about him. Let us dwell into his world and find out 10 reasons why he is a rockstar and why does he rocks !

  1. He’s one of a kindrajni1
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Rajinikanth has been imitated, mimicked, spoofed. But no one comes even close to being anything like him. Whether it’s his style, the films he’s done or his off-screen persona, Rajinikanth is in a league of his own.

2. King of stylerajni2

In the early films of Rajini, his tagline was ‘Style Mannan’ Rajinikanth. It means King of Style. In Indian cinema, he wears that crown with his own brand of panache. From the way he lit a cigarette in his very first film, to the way he flicks his unruly hair, walks, talks and dances, Rajini does it all in his own, unique style.

3. An unlikely herorajni-3

He was tall and dark, not at all like the accepted leading men of his day. His manner was different, too. He spoke Tamil with an accent. And he went on to become the industry’s ultimate hero.

  1. Super-hit filmsrajni-4

From his entry in black and white films like “Aboorva Ragangal” to angry young man in “Baasha” and “Thalapathy” and romantic hero in “Johnny” and scores of other entertainers like “Muthu”, “Nettrikkan” and “Ninaithaale Inikkum” Rajini films are huge blockbusters.

5. Negative shadesrajni5

In image-conscious Kollywood, heroes aren’t always ok with playing characters with negative shades. But Rajini has never been afraid to experiment. Some of his memorable negative roles were in films like “16 Vayathiniley” and “Moondru Mudichu”.

6. Punch dialoguesrajni6

In Kollywood, clever lines, or punch dialogues as they like to call them, are indicators of a movie’s popularity. Rajini has uttered some of the best. They are remembered, repeated and become part of common lingo.

7. He can move itrajni-7

Arriving on the scene when Tamil film heroes ran around trees in song sequences, Rajini brought his attractive style of dancing to films. Even with advancing age, he’s still got the moves.

8. Age is just a numberrajni8

The Superstar is 66, but who can tell. He can fight, romance and deliver utterly captivating performances and do it much better than most of his younger peers.

9. He’s romanced the bestrajni9

The leading ladies of the day are only too happy to be paired with the ultimate Superstar. From Sridevi to Kushboo, to Shriya Saran and Aishwarya Rai, the A-list actresses have played Rajini’s romantic interest.

10. Thalaivar to millionsrajni10

Other actors have fan clubs, too. But Rajni is the ultimate Thalaivar (leader).