10 Most Dangerous To Search For On Google

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Google has become the most potent search engine and the key to the answer for every question. The all knowing Google is used extensively for each and everything queries now. However, before putting a search you should be beware of this 10 most dangerous people to search for on the Google.


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Kelly Brook: The hugely popular glamour model and TV presenter has been crowed the World’s Most Dangerous Celebrity, according to research by Intel Security.

The cyber-security research claims Googling Kelly Brook is more likely to lead to users stumbling across to computer viruses and malware than any other British celebrity.

If you have Googled Kelly Brook – scroll down for some of the best tips to help against online malware!


Katie Price: Fans scouring the web for the latest gossip on Price’s relationship with cage fighter Alex Reid have a one in six chance of clicking on a “risky” website, a survey found.

Such sites could be loaded with spyware collecting information about users without their knowledge, and viruses that can infiltrate computers, with the goal of making money and committing ID theft.


Nick Grimshaw: The X Factor judge has featured in a list of the most dangerous cyber celebrities.

For the ninth year in a row, Intel Security has researched popular culture’s most famous people to reveal which of them generates the most dangerous search results.


Rita Ora: Singer and the face of Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line, not to mention Marks & Spencer, DKNY, Rimmel, Adidas, Coca Cola campaigns and the Samsung Galaxy S6 ads, Rita Ora is also a cybercriminals favoured femme fatal.


Victoria Beckham: A study on virus of computer show that is good to not search on Google for Victoria Beckham. This because in the moment you click on famous names numerous viruses download on your computer when you are using it and this damage your device. Based on a statistical these are most dangerous famous.


Kate Middleton: Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton,was swiftly followed by a spate of malicious links on search engines, a security firm has warned. Computer users seeking news on the happy couple are being infected with poisoned web news pages sourced through the likes of Yahoo and Google search engines, according to software firm Websense.


Pixie Lott: Young, Foolish, Happy, Essex Girl Pixie Lott cites Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as major influences on her singing style. Good choices – they’ve delivered her lots of fans. Alas the fans are susceptible to dodgy downloads associated with her name.


David Beckham: Eat your heart out Harry Styles. An old (male) pin up beats a new pin up anyday in the danger stakes – online and off. Put a search on for David Beckham and instantly malware and viruses will scramble to your PC.


Daniel Radcliffe: Philosopher’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire, they are all perfect sounding links for cyber criminals to hide malware, as they take advantage of Harry Potter star and general good guy Daniel Radcliffe’s popularity.


Ellie Goulding: It’s a long way from the school performances of the Wizard of Oz to the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey, and it was via a drama and politics degree at the Univesity of Kent. But that is Ellie Goulding’s life. Nice music, watch out for the dodgy malware infected downloads.