10 Kg Tumour Operated Out Of Woman’s Stomach


Tamluk: A tumour weighing 10 kg was successfully operated out of a woman’s stomach.
The incident took place at a private nursing home in Tamluk trigering panic in the
area. The doctors stated that the woman is stable after the operation.

According to the doctors, Sipra Basu (47) is a resident of Raghunathpur of Tamluk’s
Demari haat. She is a private tutor. She was suffering from stomach ache for
several days which worsened as days went by. The size of her stomach also
increased. She was prescribed for an ultrasonography.

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The ultrasonography pointed out the presence of a big tumour in her stomach. An
operation was the only option as per the doctors.

After this, a major operation was performed by JC Maiti at Tamluk’s Vivekananda
nursing home. As per nursing home authorities, the tumour’s weight was 10 kg. She
is stable presently.