10 Fairly Tasty Foods to Boost Your Vaginal Health


Everything that you put in your body can either improve or ruin your health, which is why you should always monitor what you eat and drink. When it comes to vaginal health, certain foods must be included in your eating plan too.

All women have trouble with vaginal health at some point or another. Whether it is an irregular menstrual cycle, or a painful period, or various irritations, your eating plan might remove those issues from your life. Here are 10 healthy foods that will help you boost your vaginal health.

বাংলায় পড়তে ক্লিক করুন এখানে

  1. Flaxseeds
    Finally, the seeds that should be included in every lady’s diet. Flaxseeds are chock-full of zinc that help to prevent vaginal dryness, burning and itching, phytoestrogens that boost estrogen levels and relieve menopausal symptoms, and omega-3 fatty acids that keep your vagina healthy and happy.
  2. Avocado
    Like pumpkin seeds, avocadoes are everywhere. They are loaded with vitamin B6, potassium, and healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that maintain healthy vaginal walls and keep your vajayjay naturally moist. Avocadoes go with literally everything, be it salad, sushi, meat, potatoes or toast.
  3.  Fresh fruit and vegetables
    If cranberries are your worst berries, there are many other berries out there that might help you keep your vagina healthy. Citrus fruits and leafy greens are also incredibly good for your vaginal health. Added bonus, fresh fruit and vegetables help to improve your overall health. It sounds like a wonderful reason to enjoy my fruit and vegetable salads on a daily basis.
  4. Kale
    Like I have just mentioned, leafy greens are among the best foods for vaginal health. Kale deserves special attention, though. It is fortified with vitamin A and vitamin C – the powerful antioxidants that help to ward off infections, improve your immune system and fight vaginal dryness including burning and itching.
  5. Homemade yogurt
    If you do not feel like making your own yogurt, plain yogurt might be a healthy option too, but check out the label to make sure it does not contain sugars and other harmful additives. Probiotics found in yogurt play a crucial role in preventing urinary tract infections, yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, and some types of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, yogurt helps to maintain the healthy pH levels within your vagina.
  6. Pumpkin seeds
    No matter what list of healthy foods you read, pumpkin seeds are always included. That’s because these little seeds are loaded with nutrients your body craves. When it comes to vaginal health, due to its high zinc content, pumpkin seeds help to regulate your menstrual cycle, and prevent and relieve symptoms of vaginal dryness, including burning and itching.
  7. Sweet potatoes
    Whether baked, grilled, roasted, or mashed, sweet potatoes are super good for your vaginal health. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamin A that helps to keep your vaginal and uterine walls healthy. The antioxidant found in sweet potatoes protects against free-radical damage and ensures the cells of your reproductive tract function properly.
  8.  Nuts
    When consumed in moderation, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashaews, pecans, pistachios, Brazil nuts, and any other nuts available in your country are excellent for your vaginal health. Nuts are rich in nutrients such as vitamin E and zinc that can help to regulate your menstrual cycles and prevent vaginal dryness.
  9. Garlic
    Garlic is one of superfoods to add to your diet. It helps to prevent infections, eliminate constipation and strengthen your colon, and as it turned out, it helps to improve vaginal health too. Raw garlic is particularly good for women who often suffer from yeast infections.
  10. Cranberry juice
    Cranberry juice is not as tasty as orange juice, but its acidic nature is perfect for your vagina’s pH level. It helps combat bacteria that cause vaginal infections and urinary tract infections. Although it is best to make your own cranberry juice, if you choose to buy the juice, look for organic sugar-free version. A glass of cranberry juice a day will be enough to boost your vaginal health.

Taking care of your vaginal health is as vital as of any part of the body. Consuming these foods regularly (but in moderation) may help you avoid different types of infections including urinary tract infections, yeast and bacterial infections, as well as vaginal itching, burning, and irritation.Not to mention that you will improve your overall health too, as these foods are totally healthy.

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