1 Person Hacked To Death In Germany’s Wuppertal


Berlin: In an another incident a man was hacked to death in the western German city of Wuppertal on Friday. Earlier in two separate incidents of stabbings, one people were killed and six injured in the Finnish city of Turku.

The Finnish Police shot one suspect in the legs and arrested him. Security forces wrote on Twitter that police were “looking for other possible perpetrators”.

At least, one person has died and eight others injured in a stabbing attack in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday.

According to media reports, police earlier said they had shot and arrested a suspect after the stabbing in the southwestern city and that they were searching for other possible perpetrators.

Authorities placed the city centre on lockdown and have reinforced security nationwide.

Finnish police added that, hours after the incident, a suspected attacker was arrested after being shot in the leg. Also, several people had been stabbed.” Their conditions weren’t immediately available.

Officials in the Eastern Uusimaa region on Twitter warned citizens to be on alert near the Helsinki-Vantaan airport and train stations.